The 2016-17 ChemE Car Executive Team: (left to right) Emmy Tian (Treasurer), Nasir Merchant (Vice President), Sushant Gadgil (President), Andrew MacDonald (Vice President).

Sushant Gadgil, president
sushant.gadgil@berkeley.edu |

Welcome to the team! I'm a fourth year Joint Chemical Engineer and Materials Science Major from Santa Clara, CA. This will be my fourth year with the team and I previously served as Treasurer and Vice-President. On campus, I also research electronic materials in the EECS department. I also enjoy cooking, biking, watching sports, and browsing Reddit! I'm interested in electronic materials, strategic development and all things tech-related! Come say hi if you see me on campus!

Nasir Merchant, vice president
nasirjmerchant@berkeley.edu |

I’m a third year College of Chemistry undergrad born in Mountain View, CA, but raised in Overland Park, KS, so I call the Bay Area my home away from home. My research interests include nanofabrication and microfluidics. At Cal, I am a member of AIChE and ESC. In my free time, I love to cook, watch the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows (Silicon Valley & House of Cards), and travel with my friends.

Andrew MacDonald, vice president

Hi! I'm a third year Chemical Engineering Major from Marin County. This is my third year on the team, and I love it! I'm extremely excited to help our project leaders succeed in their endeavors and to help manage the team. Last year I was the project leader for the Alkaline Battery team, and the year before that I worked on the Alkaline Battery team as a member. My career and scientific interests include energy, process design, and electrochemistry, although I am interested in everything. My hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, going to the gym, and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Emmy Tian, treasurer & Chemiluminescence clock co-lead

Hi! I’m a second year Chemical Biology major from Reno, NV. In my free time, I enjoy crafting, eating, and volunteering with the Make-A-Wish foundation. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or good food recommendations!

Project Leads

The 2016-17 ChemE Car Project Leads (not pictured: McGregor Stadtmiller)

Rajashree Bhattacharya, experimental battery co-lead

I am a 3rd year chemical engineering major from San Jose, CA. Outside of the ChemE Car experimental battery team, I'm involved in AIChE, the ASUC Sustainability Team, and research in the Balsara Group studying polymer electrolytes. In my free time I enjoy sci-fi television, exploring Berkeley and swing dancing. If you ever want to talk about any of the above, hit me up!

Sophia Chan, zinc air battery lead

I'm a fourth-year Chemical Engineering major with a minor in Chemistry. This is my fourth semester in ChemE Car, and my third semester as the Zinc-Air Team lead. I was in the Radke Lab for two years studying the partitioning and diffusion of drugs in hydrogels before I switched over to the McCloskey Lab, where I currently research ion transport in large anions for battery electrolyte applications. I'm really involved in research, and I plan to go to graduate school. In my other lives, I play word games, watch Friends, and cry over my problem sets.

Chris Chiu, electrical lead
chris91728@berkeley.edu |

I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major with minor in Chemistry from Seattle, Washington. My fields of interest include consumer electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and data center design. I worked in the Karl Hedrick research lab as well as summer internship with Molex High Performance Cable. I like to design electronics and do dangerous experiments. I am not in EECS master race, so I have spare time (maybe) to play tennis and work out.

Stephan Kaminsky, electrical lead

Hi! I am a first year EECS major from Long Beach, California. I enjoy movies, PC games, Star Wars, electrical stuff, and tennis. I also like to build programs and algorithms because they are like puzzles though I also like to design electronics since I find it fun and amazing.

Godwin Liang, enzymatic clock lead

Hi! I am a second year Chemical Engineering undergrad from the Pasadena, CA area. This is my second semester on ChemE Car, and I was on the experimental clock team during my first. Some of my hobbies include watching and playing basketball, learning how to cook, and following eSports. Do not hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions. Looking forward to working with you this year!

Lance Moll, mechanical lead

Hello there! My name’s Lance! I’m currently second year that’s sort of questioning what major I want to really pursue. I’m from Riverside, CA. I enjoy anime, PC games, smash melee, robotics and anything cool and weird! If you ever want to talk or hang out just talk to me!

Jonathan Ngan, biofuel internal combustion engine lead

Hi! I'm Jonathan Ngan, and I'm currently a third year chemical engineering and computer science major. My interests include chem/bioinformatics and data science and analytics. I love to watch movies, so if you ever have any good recommendations please let me know.

Sanya Sehgal, experimental battery co-lead

Hi! I'm a third year Chemical Engineering major from Fremont, CA and this is my third year on the ChemE Car team. I'm also a member of AIChE, Engineers without Borders, and Alpha Chi Sigma. the professional Chemistry Fraternity. Some of my hobbies include learning new things, going on spontaneous adventures, and sleeping.

McGregor Stadtmiller, aluminum air battery lead

I'm McGregor Stadtmiller and I'm currently a third year chemical engineering major at Cal. I'm from the south bay, near San Jose, where I went to a German International school and am fluent in German. Besides designing batteries and powering cars in my free time, I am also the president of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club at Berkeley and am passionate about martial arts in general.

Murali Subramanian, hydrogen fuel cell lead

Hey! I'm a a second year Chemical Engineering major at Berkeley. I was part of the Fuel Cell team last year and am excited to be project lead for it this year! I am also an officer in AIChE, Biofuels Technology Club, and Tau Beta Pi. I really enjoy biking and working out too!

Xinran Tian, Chemiluminescence clock co-lead

Hey, I'm Xinran (but call me Sharon!) and I'm from China. I'm a second-year chemical biology major (and probably EECS minor) with a strong interest in structural biology and bioinformatics. I enjoy hiking, cooking and playing the flute when I have time off. If you have any questions about Chemiluminescence team, feel free to email me or my twin sister Emmy.

Media Team

Jilian Cabornay, media coordinator
jilian.cabornay@berkeley.edu |

Hello! I'm a third year chemical engineering major born in the Philippines but raised in Walnut Creek (20 min from Berkeley!). Other than managing ChemE Car publicity and keeping this website and our Facebook page up and running, I am on the Engineers Week committee for ESC and an officer of PASAE (Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers). I also enjoy volleyball, drinking boba, graphic design, and Snapchat geofilters. Feel free to talk to me about any of the above!