The 2017-18 ChemE Car Executive Team: (left to right) Tae Kim (Vice President), Nasir Merchant (President), Sanya Sehgal (Vice President), Helen Yan (Treasurer).

Taehun Kim, president (Spring 2018) vice president (Fall 2017)
taekim@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I'm a junior in chemical engineering minoring in computer science. I was born in Korea but grew up in Germany and went to high school in Irvine, CA - so not really sure where my 'home' would be. My academic interests are in energy storage (batteries) and semiconductor technology. Outside of school, I'm part of Alpha Chi Sigma and play tennis. I'm also a wannabe photographer, so if you have any helpful tips, please teach me senpai :)

Richard Sim, vice-president (Spring 2018), experimental battery co-lead (Fall 2017)
richardsim@berkeley.edu |

Hey everyone, I'm a junior ChemE from Calexico, CA. Some of my research interests in batteries are Li-S shuttle prevention, Li-ion novel materials and metal air batteries. I've been with ChemE car for 2 years now and have worked on the Al-air battery and luminescent clock teams. Besides ChemE car, I'm currently very active in ACS at Berkeley as the Education Head. When I get free time, I enjoy working out, learning Mandarin, watching Rick and Morty and playing League of Legends with my brother. Some fun facts about me: I've saved a kitten, I have 414 selfies on my phone and go through four different seating positions during CBE 142 lecture. Text/talk to me about anything!

Emmy Tian, vice-president (Spring 2018)

Hi! I’m a third year Chemical Biology major from Reno, NV. In my free time, I enjoy crafting, eating, and volunteering with the Make-A-Wish foundation. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or good food recommendations!

Helen Yan, treasurer
helenyan@berkeley.edu |

Hello there! I am a sophomore majoring in Chemistry with an intended Computer Science minor. I'm from Palo Alto, so the Bay really is my home. I was on the Zinc-Air battery team my freshman year and am again this year in addition to handling the team's finances, budget, and purchases. Outside of ChemE car I also do archery and AFX, and my favorite foods are boba and ramen. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Ming Ye, chief safety officer (Spring 2018), alkaline battery lead
myeo0805@berkeley.edu |

Hi everyone! I am a senior majoring in chemical engineering. I was born in China but grew up in the San Gabriel Valley/626 area of LA. I work in the Chem 4 ISF so feel free to talk to me especially when special projects start in the spring. My research interests involve batteries, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. In my free time I like to cook, drink boba, binge watch TV shows/Korean drama, and listen to music. Feel free to talk to me about anything! Also hit me up to grab food or boba I am always down for that!

Nasir Merchant, president (Fall 2017)
nasirjmerchant@berkeley.edu |

Hello and welcome to the team! I'm a graduating senior studying Chemical Biology. I was born in Mountain View, CA, but raised in Overland Park, KS, so I call the Bay Area my home away from home. My research interests include nanofabrication, microfluidics, and device design. At Cal, I am a member of AIChE and ESC. In my free time, I love to cook, watch the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows (Rick and Morty & Silicon Valley), and taking mini trips with my friends. HMU if you want to grab food or go on a day-trip!

Sanya Sehgal, vice president (Fall 2017)
sanya.sehgal@berkeley.edu |

Hi everyone! I am a senior ChemE from Fremont, Ca (the end of the bart line). I've been in ChemE car since my freshman year, and since then I have been a Iodine Clock Team Lead, Thermoelectric Team lead, and now VP. Outside of ChemE Car, I am president of the ChemE Jeopardy team and I've help positions in AIChE and Alpha Chi Sigma. Aside from involvement in on campus organizations I love eating ice cream and finding cool new ice cream shops, exploring the bay area, listening to Hamilton, watching movies and meeting new people! HMU if you want to talk about anything I mentioned above or want advice or anything else!

Project Leads

The 2017-18 ChemE Car Project Leads (not pictured: Steve Bagley, Jilian Cabornay, Lance Moll, Parth Patel, Annie Wu)

Steve Bagley, aluminum air battery co-lead
stevekb13@berkeley.edu |

Hey there! I'm a senior chemical engineering major from Napa, CA. I've been on the Aluminum Air Battery team for about two years now and will be co-leading the team with McGregor. Besides ChemE Car and school, I also play for the Cal ice hockey club team. I also love eating delicious food, hitting the gym, and just hanging out. Feel free to ask me about the team, chemical engineering in general, or anything else!

Rajashree Bhattacharya, pneumatic lead
rajashreeb@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I am a senior chemical engineering major from San Jose. I've been on ChemE Car for 3 years, first on the Zn-Mn alkaline team, and then as team lead for the Thermoelectric Team last year. Outside of ChemE Car, I've been involved in campus sustainability through the ASUC Sustainability Team, and I do research with the Balsara Group on polymer electrolyte characterization. I love swing dancing, exploring around bay, and watching sci-fi television. Ask me anything!

Vishnu Dharmaraj, hydrogen fuel cell co-lead

Hello! I am a sophomore chemical engineering major from Potomac, Maryland. This is going to be my second year as part of the Fuel Cell team. In addition to ChemE Car, I'm also part of Dil Se, Berkeley's South Asian a capella group. I also love to watch and play basically every sport besides soccer (sorry soccer fans). If you have any questions or just want to vent about life as a Berkeley student, I'm all ears so feel free to reach out. Looking forward to having a great year!

Stephan Kaminsky, electrical lead

Hi! I am a first year EECS major from Long Beach, California. I enjoy movies, PC games, Star Wars, electrical stuff, and tennis. I also like to build programs and algorithms because they are like puzzles though I also like to design electronics since I find it fun and amazing.

Lance Moll, mechanical lead

HELLO! I'm Lance, I'm a current third year majoring in Chemical Engineering. I was born in the Philippines, but moved to a lot of places, but I'd say my hometown is RIverside, CA. Even though I'm a chemical engineer I really enjoy a bunch of mechanical stuff, like robotics, CAD, and just making random things. Besides ChemE Car I really enjoy taking pictures, cooking, binging anime, smash, and a whole bunch of other stuff! Oh, I'm also a current core member for PASAE! Let me know if you wanna talk about anything!

Jonathan Ngan, biofuel internal combustion engine co-lead

Hi! I'm Jonathan Ngan, and I'm currently a fourth year chemical engineering and computer science major. My interests include chem/bioinformatics and data science and analytics. I love to watch movies, so if you ever have any good recommendations please let me know.

Aayush Patel, experimental control lead
aayush.patel@berkeley.edu |

Hey, I'm Aayush! I'm a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, and I'm from West Windsor, New Jersey. This is my second year as a member of ChemE Car, and my first year leading this team! At Cal, I'm a Teacher Scholar for Chemistry 4A, the Fundraising Chair for Alpha Chi Sigma, and a member of two different IM Soccer teams. I enjoy playing and watching soccer and football the most, but I'm honestly willing to play any sport in my free time. I also am an avid FIFA player! I'm always down to talk or hang out, so feel free to reach out to me about anything!

Parth Patel, zinc air battery co-lead

Hello! I am a junior majoring in chemical engineering from South Brunswick, New Jersey. This is my 4th semester as part of the Zinc Air team and my first co-leading with Tae. Academically, I am interested in the production of newer energy sources, ranging from batteries to biofuels. Outside of school, I like to eat food, watch sports and TV, and sleep. Come talk to me about anything!

Edward Shin, biofuel combustion engine co-lead

Hi! I'm a senior Chemical Engineering major from Arizona. Other than making biodiesel in ChemE Car, I also make biodiesel in the Biofuels Technology Club here in Berkeley. Outside of that, I usually spend my free time playing video games, cooking, and watching TV shows. Feel free to talk to me about anything!.

McGregor Stadtmiller, aluminum air battery cο-lead
mcaustin@berkeley.edu |

Hello, I'm a senior chemical engineering and materials science double major. I'm from Sunnyvale in the south bay, where I went to a German International School for K-12, so I speak German fluetly. On campus, I'm very involved in ChemE Jeopardy and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club. Outside of class, I enjoy going to the gym, bouldering, swimming, watching Rick and Morty, and dancing. Feel free to talk to me about anything you're interested in, I love learning about new things!

Murali Subramanian, hydrogen fuel cell co-lead
mu.subr@berkeley.edu |

Hey everyone! I'm Murali, a 3rd year Chemical Engineering major at Cal. This is my third year on the fuel cell team and 2nd year as team lead, so I'm definitely excited to continue this project!! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or if you just want to say hi! I am also one of the corporate chairs for AIChE, so if you are looking for any jobs or want to know about company infosession dates, I can help you out! As far as what I like doing, I do go on long road bike rides when I'm free and workout at Memorial twice a week! So if you're working out sometime, hit me up ! :)

Xinran Tian, chemiluminescence clock lead
txr97@berkeley.edu |

Hey, I'm Sharon. I'm a third-year Chemical Biology major and I've been in ChemE Car for two years. I work at the OCHEM ISF and do research in Schekman lab on intracellular protein trafficking. I like swimming and skiing if I have time. I also play the Chinese flute every now and then. Please be friends with me ^ ^.

Ethan Woodbury, thermoelectric co-lead
woodbury.e@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I'm a sophomore chemical engineering major from Walnut Creek, CA, and this will be my second year on the Thermoelectric team. I also play trombone in Cal Band and work for an indoor gardening startup company. Some of my other hobbies include running, football, eating spicy foods, and playing with my molecular modelling kit. If you have any questions or want to chat, let me know!

Annie Wu, enzymatic clock lead

Hellooo :) I am a sophomore chemical engineering major from Boston (but I was born in China and lived in LA for 10 years). Aside from ChemE Car, I spend my time at Cal in Project SMILE, Rally Committee, and IM sports. During my free time, I love to watch sports, exercise, cook, and try new foods. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to hang out!

Ryan Yao, experimental battery co-lead
ryao@berkeley.edu |

I am Ryan, a 3rd year chemical engineering major from Houston, Texas. I grew up internationally before coming to California for college. I am interested in batteries, energy and materials. It also happens to be that I am the cooler Experimental Battery team lead. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Media Team

Jilian Cabornay, media coordinator
jilian.cabornay@berkeley.edu |

Hello! I'm a senior chemical engineering major from Walnut Creek (20 min from Berkeley!). Other than managing ChemE Car publicity and keeping this website and our Facebook page up and running, I am very active in the Filipino community at Cal and the Internal Vice President of PASAE (Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers). I also enjoy volleyball, drinking boba, graphic design, and Snapchat geofilters. Feel free to talk to me about any of the above!