Ethan Woodbury, President
woodbury.e@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I'm a fourth-year chemical engineering major from Walnut Creek, CA, and I previous led the Thermoelectric and Lead Acid Battery teams on ChemE Car. I'm most experienced with advanced lithium ion chemistries, and I'm super passionate about the role of energy storage in enabling the widespread adoption of renewables. Outside of school, I really enjoy running, ultimate frisbee, playing piano, and being in the Cal Band!

Daniel Seyedebrahimi, Internal Vice-President
danielseyed@berkeley.edu |

Hi, I'm a fourth-year chemical engineering major from Visalia, CA (near Sequoia Nat'l Park) and a former project manager for the Fuel Cell Team. My other research interests include heteropolymer synthesis, protein engineering, and continuous flow chemistry. I love running (shout-out to Cal Running Club), my parents, playing clarinet, The Twilight Zone, numismatics, and contemporary wind band pieces. Feel free to reach out with questions or edgy content.

Justin Yeung, External Vice-President

Hey all! I am a third year Chemical Engineering major from New Hampshire. I was on the enzymatic clock team last year and participated in both the poster session and chemical prep during competition last year. This year, I am working on finances for the team! Some of my favorite things include hiking, traveling, and watching Netflix! Outside of ChemE Car, I am also in AXS, AIChE, and doing research. My interests include batteries and energy :)

Brian Law, Financial Officer


Tasneem Khan, Business Officer


Kevin Xu, Chief Safety Officer

Samay Garg, Media Officer

Hey, I'm Samay, and I'm a third year chemical engineering major with a minor in data science from the Bay area. I was on the magnesium-air team my freshman year, and this is my second year on the executive. My research interests include electrocatalysis and energy technologies, especially related to fuel cells and batteries. In my free time, I enjoy training for marathons, watching formula 1, hiking, and doing anything outdoors.

Project Managers


Srikant Sagireddy, Aluminum-Air Battery
sbsagireddy@berkeley.edu |

Hey everyone! I am a third year Chemical Engineering major from Stockton, CA. I was on the chemiluminescence and magnesium air battery teams last year. This year, I am the team lead for the aluminum air battery teams. Some of my academic interests include materials synthesis and battery research. Outside of academics, I enjoy watching and playing basketball, football, tennis and auto racing!

Emmy Yu, Zinc-Air Battery
emmyyu520@berkeley.edu |

Hey, I'm Emmy and a third year ChemE major (looking to minor in Data Science and Energy Engineering)! This is also my third year in ChemE Car in the Zinc-Air Battery Team, but is my first semester co-leading it. Academically, my other research interests include nanoparticle/polymer synthesis, functional nanomaterials, and sustainable energy storage! Nonacademically, I enjoy urban gardening and collecting houseplants. There are exciting things planned for the coming worksessions, so I'll see ya'll at the National competition next year!

Sachin Murthy, Magnesium-Air Battery
sachinmurthy@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I'm a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from the Bay Area. I was on the Magnesium-Air team during my first year and now I'm a project manager for it. I'm also currently working with the Balsara Group at Lawrence Berkeley Lab to characterize solid-state lithium-ion battery electrolyte materials. In my free time, you can catch me at the gym, photographing nature, or browsing social media until the early morning (guilty as charged). Please feel free to ask me any questions about ChemE car, my research, energy storage, powerlifting, bodybuilding, or just anything you have on your mind!

Rohit Rungta, Super Iron Battery
rrungta101@berkeley.edu |

Hello, My name is Rohit R! I'm a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering (minor in Data Science) from Phoenix, AZ. This is my third year as a part of ChemE Car. Aside from ChemE Car, I do research on carbon capture and sequestration via MOFs in the Reimer Group, watch basketball, and play music. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to talk!

Ashutosh Bhadouria, Super Iron Battery
ashutoshb@berkeley.edu |

I hail from Mumbai, India; completed my high school in Istanbul, Turkey and now studying half way around the world at Cal. I am a huge foodie; I love to play basketball/badminton/soccer/squash (any sport actually) and hang out with friends. I also use a lot of semi-colons; thanks for reading and feel free to reach out via email and LinkedIn! GO beers!

Nicole Stokowski, Electrical

Hello hello, I am a second year EECS major and I'm originally from Richmond, CA. I'm super into the hardware side of EECS and outside of this club, I'm a member of the Cal Band, Berkeley Swim Club, and Cal Figure Skating team. Fun fact, I love avocados and rainbow sprinkles (not necessarily together).

Ian Yu, Lead-Acid Battery
ianyu@berkeley.edu |

I'm a ChemE junior from Claremont, California. I'm passionate about keeping our planet healthy through battery research and I've done two internships in solid-state battery development and cell testing for electric vehicles. Outside of class, I'm heavily invested in Livingwater Church, where I am a small group leader and mentor. I'm graduating a year early, but I'd love to talk to you about my experiences with recruiting, the ChemE curriculum, and living as a Christian in college. Fun fact: I am the author of a LinkedIn post that went viral and gathered 14 million views!

Mickey Vande Voorde, Enzymatic Clock
mvandevoorde@berkeley.edu |

Hello! My name is Mickey, and I am a third year Chemical Engineering major. My academic interests include environmental and energy engineering, along with organic chemistry. I currently work in the Francis Lab researching the synthesis of protein capsids for the removal of carcinigenic compounds from water. In my free time, I love to listen to music, go cycling, play video games, or relax with a nice hot cup of tea. I love meeting new people, so feel free to contact me!

Jeremy Murphy-Ortega, Electrical

Hello, I am a junior Chemical Engineering major from the North Bay. I have been on the electrical team for two years and now am one of the project managers for this team. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, solving Rubik's cubes, and watching sports. I also love the color green! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to talk!

Alex Yao, Zinc-Air Battery
ayao1668@berkeley.edu |

Hi, my name is Alex! I'm from Sugar Land, TX and I'm a junior studying chemical engineering and minoring in data science. I've been with the zinc-air team since fall of my freshman year and am now a co-lead for the team with Emmy. Currently, I'm researching the pretreatment of biofuels with ionic liquids at the Joint BioEnergy Institute. Some other activities I've been involved in include data science research and dance. In my free time, I also like to mix electronic music, watch basketball and follow the election. Feel free to reach out about anything, and go bears!

Anukta Jain, Chemiluminescence

Hi! I'm a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, and I live in Mumbai, India. This will be my second year on ChemE Car; I was part of the electrical and then the chemiluminescence team last year, and am super excited to be project manager this semester! At Cal, I'm also involved with Engineers Without Borders and conduct research in inorganic Chemistry. I love hiking and playing soccer, and am always down to do anything outdoors. Feel free to reach about anything!

Declan Mahaffrey-Dowd, Zinc-Carbon Battery
dtdowd218@berkeley.edu |

Hello, I'm a sophomore ChemE from Brooklyn, New York. This is my second year with the zinc-carbon team. My interests in ChemE are battery longevity, carbon-based materials, and renewable energy. Some other fun facts about me are I always put two spaces between sentences when I type and I have never been in a sailboat without capsizing.

James Marquez, Lead-Acid Battery


Josh DeWitt, Mechanical


Purvaansh Lohiya, Sulfur Clock


Jacob Zamojc, Thermoelectric