2021-2022 Executive Team
The 2021-22 ChemE Car Executive Team (left to right): Ben Eklon, Amy Le, Aaron Lin, Anukta Jain, Niharika Gupta, Aditya Parekh, Matthew Moy


Anukta Jain | President
anukta.j@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I’m a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai, India. Outside of classes, I work in Professor John Arnold’s research group. I’ve recently become interested in gardening (check out Berkeley SOGA) and all matcha-themed food. I'm also a peer advisor so feel free to come talk to me in 121 Gilman any time!

Matthew Moy | Internal Vice-President
moy.matt168@berkeley.edu |

Hi everyone! I’m a third year Chemical Engineering major from Florida. I was a Co-PM of the Magnesium-Air team last year. My research interests are primarily in energy storage and battery materials. I'm currently conducting Scanning TEM research on cathode materials with the LeBeau group at MIT. I enjoy traveling, playing piano/oboe, and playing all kinds of board games. Some of my favorites are Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Shogi! Feel free to reach out to me about anything!

Niharika Gupta | External Vice-President

Hey! I am senior studying Chemical Engineering and Data Science. I have been a part of the Aluminium Air battery team, as well as a Project Manager for Electrochemical Clock! I have also been involved in research under the Material Science department, and am currently planning on pursuing a career in the Energy Sector, specifically in the field of electrochemistry (batteries/fuel cells). I love bingeing TV shows, so please let me know if you have any suggestions! Super excited to meet everyone, and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or just want to talk! :)

Ben Eklon | Financial Officer

Hello I'm Ben and I'm a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. I would really like to get into the food industry or water treatment or anything related to sustainability. In my free time, I like to watch movies and cooking videos, and also solve puzzles. I also really enjoy eating Korean barbeque.

Aaron Lin | Business Officer

My name is Aaron Lin and I am a junior studying Chemical Engineering and pursuing a Data Science minor at UC Berkeley. I am self-motivated and a fast learner interested in biotechnology, sustainability, and machine learning. Currently, I do research in the Pines and Reimer Lab using machine learning to create higher resolution MRI images.

Aditya Parekh | Chief Safety Officer


Amy Le | Media Coordinator

Hai, I'm Amy! :D I am currently a 4th year Chemical Engineering major from the Inland Empire, California. I'm super interested in product development and sustainability in both the cosmetics and food industry! When I have free time, I love building creations in Minecraft, as well as fashion and food blogging (—I'm starting to dabble in content creating!) I also really enjoy solving puzzles and exploring the city with my friends (and also with my brothers in Alpha Chi Sigma!).

Project Managers

2021-2022 Project Managers
The 2021-22 ChemE Car Project Managers (not pictured: Aziz Farasani, Declan Mahaffrey-Dowd, Jin Yu, Nicole Stokowski, Bhaven Shah)

Power Teams


Aziz Farasani | Hydrogen Fuel Cell
farasani@berkeley.edu |

Hi, I'm a third-year ChemE major concentrating in Energy and the Environment. I have been involved with ChemE Car since my first semester at Berkeley and now I am very excited to PM Hydrogen Fuel Cell alongside one of the first friends I made in this club! I am interested in clean energy, solar cells, and batteries. In my free time, I love to hike, dance, and travel.

Sean Fu | Hydrogen Fuel Cell
sean_fu@berkeley.edu |

Howdy! I'm Sean, a 3rd year ChemE Major/Data Science Minor who's co-leading the Hydrogen Fuel Cell team this year. My academic interests include sustainable energy production and storage and I am currently working with the Balsara Lab on polymer electrolytes to apply to solid state batteries. My other interests include: hiking, archery, fishing, woodcarving, playing instruments, drawing, and sleeping.

Katherine Wang | Lead-Acid Battery
kwang23@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I'm a third year ChemE and MSE major with a minor in EECS from Cleveland, OH. I'm working on utilizing novel 2D material to create a conductive liquid-liquid interface in the Zettl lab in the physics department. Outside of school, I like vibing to indie rock and I play a ton of games (especially League), so hmu if you wanna play together :D

Quinn Truong | Magnesium-Air Battery
quynh.tr25@berkeley.edu |

Hi everyone! My name is Quinn and I'm a senior majored in Chemical Engineering from Orange County, CA. Last year, I was in the Electrochemical Clock team, and I'm exited to co-lead in Mg-Air this year. Beside schools, I love to swim, do skateboarding and check out new tea places. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to get boba! GO BEARS!

Rustam Gandhi | Magnesium-Air Battery
rustamgandhi@berkeley.edu |

Hi! My name is Rustam and I'm a third year Chemical Engineering major with a minor in Aerospace Engineering. This is my third year in ChemE Car and I'm so glad I get to lead the Mg Air team this year! My primary interests are batteries, rockets, and electrochemistry in general. Outside of classes, you can find me trying to learn guitar, taking pictures of the night sky, or watching baseball (go Giants!). I'm happy to talk about anything, so feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Joshua Lee | Zinc-Air Battery
joshua.sj.lee@berkeley.edu |

Hi! I'm a third year majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Data Science. I joined the Zinc-Air team in my sophomore year and am excited to have to opportunity to lead the team with QiWen! My primary research interest is electrochemistry as it applies to improving sustainable energy technologies. Outside of class, you can see me involved in Alpha Chi Sigma, ACS, and a few dance teams!

QiWen Li | Zinc-Air Battery
li.qw@berkeley.edu |

Hi all! I am a senior majoring in Chemical Biology, with a minor in Data Science. I have been in Chem-E car on the Zinc-Air team since my freshman year and it has been a wonderful experience! Aside from CHEM-E Car, I am also part of ACS and I am very interested in the intersection of technology and science. Outside of academics, I like to try new food and explore the nature. Feel free to reach out to me with any recommendations, questions or just to chat!

Declan Mahaffrey-Dowd | Supercapitor Battery
dtdowd218@berkeley.edu |

I am a fourth year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major from Brooklyn, New York. This is my fourth year with the Zinc-Carbon team, and my second as project manager. I am involved with the College of Chemistry Student Philanthropy council and I perform research at the Solar Fuels Hub at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy playing guitar, I'm a huge Star Wars fan (#CompleteCloneWars), and I put two spaces between sentences.

Jin Yu | Supercapitor Battery
jin.yu@berkeley.edu |

Hello everyone! I am a third year Chemical Engineering major. I will be co-leading supercapacitor team this year and I am very excited for it! My current academic interest is on batteries and renewable energy. I enjoy watching Netflix, driving around, and playing card game with friends. Feel free to reach out to me about anything!

Clock Teams


Nicole Nelsen | Electrochemical Clock
nicole.nelson@berkeley.edu |

Hi! My name is Nicole Nelson and I am the PM of the Electrochemical Clock Team. I am a fourth year chemical engineering major. A fun fact about me is I play quidditch, the sport from Harry Potter, and I love to play board games with friends.

Jason Hou | Enzymatic Clock
jason_hou@berkeley.edu |

Hello! I'm a third year chemical engineering major (minoring in either CS/DS) from Sunnyvale, CA and this is my second straight year co-leading the enzymatic clock team. Some of my hobbies include cycling, basketball, and catching sunsets. I'm looking forward to meeting new people!

Hunter Ocker | Enzymatic Clock
hunter_ocker@berkeley.edu |

Hello everyone! My name is Hunter and I am a 3rd year majoring in Chemical Engineering from Fortuna, CA. Last year, I was a new member of the Enzymatic Clock team and am excited to continue working on our project this year. I’m currently a research affiliate at LBNL looking into new quantum sensing techniques for use in biofuel production. I am also very passionate about environmental sustainability and energy storage. In my spare time, I love to be outdoors and weightlift. Feel free to reach out to me about anything!

Samantha Yang | Vitamin C Clock
samantha.yang@berkeley.edu |

Hello, my name is Samantha. I am a 3rd year ChemE interested in the biotech and nanotech fields, and I am one of the Vitamin C Clock PMs this year. When not studying, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and baking :)

Ethan Ngyuen | Vitamin C Clock
ethanvn@berkeley.edu |

Hi all! I'm a third year chemical engineering major from Fountain Valley, California. I was on the Sulfur Clock team last year and this year I'm excited to be a project manager for the Vitamin C Clock team. Outside of academics, I play clarinet in the UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble and I play volleyball.

Chassis Teams


Nicole Stokowski | Electrical

Hi there! I'm a Senior EECS major from Richmond CA. This is my third year as electrical team lead and I'm excited to see what our team can bring to the table this season. My academic interests are primarily in circuit design and analysis and more recently, I've become obsessed with HAM radio and it's applications. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, figure skating, drawing, and jamming with the Cal Band. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or feel the need to geek out over Studio Ghibli films!.

Bhaven Shah | Mechanical